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  Flokati Area Rugs

The mountain villagers of Samarina were originally shepherds by trade; they used their sheep and goats to produce dairy products such as milk and cheese as well as fine wool. The wool was woven into shaggy fabrics to protect the shepherds from the cold while the shag was used to protect them from the rain. The actual Flokati was discovered when the woven material was immersed into a natural stream to be cleaned. Forgotten in the water for about 40 hours, the wool shag unraveled and blossomed, and the backings felted. This discovery was an accident, but the villagers saw the results and the rest is history. The Flokati was born. Flokati has been a part of Greece and its surrounding countries for over 15 centuries; it has served many purposes. The Flokati's were used for beds, clothing, blankets, and floor coverings. In the mid 1900's Flokati's gained international popularity and found their way into North America. As tourism became an industry in Greece, more and m ore people became exposed to Flokati and saw how beautiful and practical they are. Though other countries have tried to imitate it, the Flokati remains unrivaled and one of the few products made the same way and in the same place as they were centuries ago.

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