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Hand-Knotted Area Rugs

Hand-knotted rugs are the best quality of all the different types of woven rugs. Every fiber is knotted into place by hand using no glue or adhesives. This method of weaving makes for the most durable and beautiful type of rug available. Most knotted rugs are made to last a lifetime and are usually kept ‘in the family’ for generations. Because of their durability and increasing scarcity, knotted rugs are considered a safe investment for the long term.

Wool is the predominant material used in knotted rugs, but we also see silk, rayon, and cotton used to highlight the pattern and vibrancy of the pile. Knotted rugs are typically ¼” to ½” thick and are not prone to shedding beyond their ‘break-in period’ of a week or two. Knotted rugs are generally easy to vacuum clean and spot clean as needed. Professional hand-washing is recommended every few years. It is also recommended to rotate a rug in the room every year or two to help distribute any wear and fading. Keeping a good quality pad under the rug will add comfort and protect the knots on the back, as well as the finish on the floor.
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Hand-Knotted, Good

A good knotted rug generally consists of at least 60 knots per square inch. Usually, this knot count creates a larger scale pattern and a thicker, heavier pile and offer a nice range of colors throughout the rug. A good knotted rug may take a weaver a few months to create and their beauty can be enjoyed in moderate traffic for years to come.

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Hand-Knotted, Better

A better quality knotted rug may consist of about 100 knots per square inch, yielding a more intricate and colorful rug, as well as a more dense and durable pile. Weavers also tend to use a finer grade of materials, such as wool from New Zealand, to accommodate a broader range of colors and give more consistent coloring from end to end. Because of the smaller knots, the weavers have more freedom to embellish the pattern and will often weave more intricate design and borders.

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Hand-Knotted, Best

Our best hand-knotted rugs can have as many as 300 knots per square inch. The knots are so small and tightly woven, that they can be hard to see on the back of the rug. This quality gives the artist almost unlimited freedom to weave the most crisp, detailed patterns with the largest range of colors in the best materials available. Because of the complexity of design, it is often difficult to create an exact copy of the original, so many of these will be considered ‘one-of-a-kind’, adding to their uniqueness and limited availability. These high-end rugs are often referred to as Oriental Rugs and are woven usually in timeless, traditional designs that can easily be decorated around for years to come. This quality also makes for the best investment of all rugs, as this quality becomes more rare and more expensive with every passing year.