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Machine Made and Power Loomed Area Rugs

Machine Made rugs, often referred to as Power-Loomed rugs, are created using a machine to replicate the look and colors of an authentic hand-knotted rug. Because there is minimal labor involved, machine made rugs can be produced quickly, and at a fraction of the price of their knotted originals.

Materials used in machine made rugs can vary greatly. The high-end machine made, such as those made by Karastan, are usually created with a wool pile for durability and easy cleaning. These ‘best’ quality rugs can look as good, and last as long, as some knotted rugs. Synthetic fibers are also commonly used, such as Nylon, Polypropylene, Viscose, and Olefin, including mixtures of synthetics formulated by Rug Manufacturers. These synthetics can give a more silky appearance and texture and can increase the rug’s stain resistance, but often at the expense of overall durability.

Machine made rugs are generally resistant to shedding and tend to be about ¼” in thickness. A rug pad is recommended to prolong the life of the rug, add to the comfort, and to protect the floor from the rug’s backing materials. Machine made rugs have become extremely popular when the budget is a top consideration.
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Machine made, Good

Good looks on a limited budget. Lighter weight and fewer colors help to keep prices at a minimum on these economically priced power loom area rugs, but the transformation they can bring to a room can be priceless. Give your home a make-over in one step.

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Machine made, Better

This collection of machine made rugs is made up of durable and attractive machine made rugs for the savvy rug shopper. A compromise between luxury and economy, and with stylish good looks to last for years to come.

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Machine made, Best

Produced to the highest level of standards on a power loom, our premium grade machine made area rugs provide comfort and durability, as well as a rich palette of colors for added beauty to home or office.