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Black Friday Rug Sales 2022

Find Amazing Deals during our Black Friday Sale going on Now! This is the time of year when we discount thousands of brand name area rugs. These are THE LOWEST PRICES you will find on the most popular styles and designs. Shop these unbelievable deals during our massive Black Friday Sale Event. Your new area rug could be a few clicks away and at prices that you may never see again. Don’t wait to act now! All area rugs come with a Free Pad, Free Shipping and our 30-day return period. There has never been a greater opportunity for you to put these rugs in your home.

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Black Friday Sale Rug Brands


Safavieh Black Friday

Safavieh has been creating masterpiece rugs for nearly 100 years. While they have always focused on high-end rugs and carpets, they have also branched into tufted, hooked, and indoor/outdoor rugs. Additionally, Savavieh has teamed up with talented designers such as Thomas O’Brien, Martha Stewart, David Easton, and Jamie Drake just to name a few. With a focus on quality, talented experts, constructions techniques, and cutting edge designers, it’s no wonder they’re globally recognized for their impeccable products. RugStudio is pleased to carry not only the entire line of rugs, but also their stylish traditional and storage ottomans, artsy accents (lamps, chests, stools, throw pillows), sensational seating (upholstered chairs, benches, folding chairs, ottomans), and furniture (tables, consoles, patio sets, bookcases). Safavieh has nearly everything to make your room complete and utterly gorgeous.

Surya Black Friday

India native Surya Tiwari, a man of humble beginnings, founded Surya in 1976. From simple hand-knotted rug with only one or two colors, Surya has grown into an extensive line of products including area rugs, seating poufs, accent pillows, and throws. They primarily focus on tufted and knotted rugs from India but all their products are uniquely beautiful and well thought out. Pairing today’s trendiest colors and styles with tried and true weaving techniques, Surya brings quality and value to everything. One look through their expansive collection, and you’ll see why their product variety and fresh designs have made them an industry leader.

Karastan Black Friday

Regarded by many as the world’s leading manufacturer in power-loomed oriental designs, Karastan has been setting the bar since 1928. Karastan rugs exploded in popularity at the Worlds Fair in 1930’s. They were able to do the impossible - match the flawless beauty and elegance of their hand-woven competitors while attaining unfathomable affordability. Their impeccable craftsmanship and impressive attention to detail had only been associated with hand-wovens before then. Today, Karastan is still turning heads with their masterfully woven creations made from top quality imported worsted wool. Additionally, most Karastan rugs hold a twenty-year guarantee from the date of purchase.

Jaipur Living Black Friday

The company headquartered in Atlanta, GA has expanded their offerings to include flat weaves, naturals, transitional and modern collections. Design is a passion for Jaipur from its very core and is exhibited in bold colors, distinctive styles and fashion-forward trending. Jaipur is able to offer the best in competitive pricing in today's market by maintaining consistency in their vertically integrated business model. Jaipur defines success as an ongoing process of improvement, sustainability, quality and artistry. Expanding efforts in civic and environmental principles will always be at Jaipur's core and more importantly their future, defining Jaipur as a leader in the rug industry.

Loloi Black Friday

Founded in 2004, Loloi quickly became an award winning line boasting prestigious awards such as “Best Rug Manufacturer of the Year.” Known for innovation, they have progressed the rug industry with the latest textures, trending designs, and color combinations. Amir Loloi, founder of Loloi Rugs, focuses his attention on providing the most inventive products at an extraordinary value. With such a wide variety of rug styles, you can find an area rug to suite nearly every design esthetic. From cool contemporary, trendy transitional, traditional and indoor/outdoor rugs, Loloi offers quality rugs for nearly every budget.

Oriental Weavers Black Friday

For more than 40 years, Oriental Weavers has combined innovative designs and production technology that produces an affordable product for any room in your home. As the world’s largest producer of Oriental area rugs, the name Oriental Weavers is synonymous with quality and value. They’ve got a wide array of patterns and style to suite nearly every design esthetic. Oriental Weavers’s endless supply of color and pattern options, along with countless shapes and sizes, make them a stand out line. From traditional or contemporary to formal or casual, there is an area rug to meet your need. With the added benefits of free shipping and a 30-day return policy, why not consider a Oriental Weavers area rug to bring your space from bland to beautiful.

Nourison Black Friday

Nourison, known for the perfect combination of style, craftsmanship, and value, has a wide assortment of designs to fit nearly everyone’s tastes. From country, antique, traditional, and southwest, to modern art, contemporary, and indoor/oudoor area rugs– they’ve got it all in a variety of sizes and price ranges. Unique ornamental shapes, such as scalloped edges, give an extra wow factor to some of the pieces. Knowing that the design element is absolutely crucial to achieving an exquisite product, they’ve teamed up with designers such as Calvin Klein and Joseph Abbound to create a expansive line like no other on the market.

Exquisite Rugs Black Friday

Exquisite Rugs started from humble beginnings, offering their family’s heirloom rugs. What became a necessity for survival, turned into a passion for the rug industry and mastery in rug design and making. For more than 80 years, Exquisite Rugs has continued to stand for tradition, craftsmanship, and innovation.

Kalaty Black Friday

Mirza Kalaty expanded his grandfathers Iranian rug business by establishing Kalaty Rugs in the USA in 1979. This growing corporation has been a growing family business for generations. Kalaty pride themselves on setting the highest standards with focus on creating a superior product. Today, Mirza Kalaty, with the help of his five sons, now runs the company. Their expectation for Kalaty has remained consistent – excellent value of handcrafted products and unparalleled service. Talented experts have taken the art of creating handcrafted rugs, combined it with impeccable color choices, and finished the process with inspiring designs. Their broad ranges of quality rugs suite nearly every taste imaginable.

Rizzy Rugs Black Friday

Over the last 40 years, the Ansari brothers became an award-winning industry leader in India for the manufacturing of rugs. Their reputation, based on quality and excellence, quickly spread far beyond India and in 2007 they decided to broaden their distribution as far as the USA. Riztex USA was established in Georgia enabling an expansion of their product line from rugs to accessories such as pillows and throws. Just in recent years, the brothers have become the first manufacturer in India to produce and export machine made area rugs. Their unstoppable mentality matched with unrivalled selection of products featuring stylish designs makes Rizzy your perfect source for nearly any space. As always we offer free shipping and a 30-day return policy.

Feizy Rugs Black Friday

Whether you’re seeking classic elegance, chic transitional or clean contemporary design, Feizy® offers the perfect foundation pieces to anchor your rooms. With on-trend colors and designs, their rugs are fashion-forward and available in hand knotted, hand tufted, hand woven and machine made constructions. For more than 40 years, the Feizy family has built a legacy of fine craftsmanship that has set the industry standard for captivating design and superior construction. Nearly 13,000 men and women share the family’s passion for providing amazing product, making in more than a million square feet of space in facilities in India, Turkey, Pakistan, Nepal and China run the looms that produce Feizy rugs. They are committed to providing the widest arrays of rugs in the U.S., ranging from the finest silks and wools to fashionable materials such as art silk and polypropylene.

Calvin Klein Rugs Black Friday

This globally recognized brand has become a household name due to its involvement in the fashion business. What started as a small clothing line in 1968 has developed into an internationally famed fashion icon that holds many titles such as “America’s Best Designer” in 1993. Lucky for you, the Calvin Klein signature style can be seen throughout their entire rug line. Their high-end look and fashion-forward designs are perfect for any space. From sophisticated wools to patchwork cowhide rugs, Calvin Klein does it all in style.

KAS Rugs Black Friday

Founded in 1981 by Rao Yarlagadda and his wife Kas, KAS Oriental Rugs has become one of the rug industry’s leading suppliers of handmade and machine-made rugs. With such a broad array of rugs, KAS offers something at nearly every price point without compromising style or value. What started primarily as a vender for traditional Indian Dhurrie rugs has become an extensive line of various constructions, styles, colors, and trends. As an innovative leader in the industry, KAS continues to bring the most unique designs to their customers. From traditional or elegant designs to bold contemporary patterns and eye-catching theme rugs, you’ll be sure to find something that’ll catch your eye.

Kaleen Black Friday

Kaleen is committed to creating quality products and take care of the production end as well. With over 6,500 skilled artisans, Kaleen ensures no child labor is used, all facilities are eco-friendly, and associates are cared for. Whether purchasing a beautiful handcrafted or machine-made rug, you can be sure you can be proud of your purchase. From shags and contemporaries to trendy and traditionals, Kaleen offers nearly every style and color to fit your decorating needs.

Tibet Rug Company Black Friday

This luxurious line of heirloom quality rugs utilizes skilled artisans who have perfected the ancient art of Tibetan weaving. During the weaving process, the craftsmen utilize the knife tool to cut yarn looped around the iron rod, which is a tool unique to Tibetan weavers. The iron rod allows the area rug to have a ridge-like surface, which is a distinctive trait of Tibetan carpets. These elegant masterpieces are rich in history, charm, and timeless beauty. If you’re looking to add a luxurious touch to your space, you’ll want to spend some time browsing these alluring pieces.

Dalyn Rug Company Black Friday

What began in 1979, has grown into an expansive company offering a wide variety of textures, colors and styles. Dayln offers machine woven, hand-tufted, printed and custom rugs in a broad variety of styles. Their grand selection of rugs is capable of meeting nearly all of their style-conscious buyers. If you should decide to go the custom route, they can fit that need as well. Dayln has perfected the artful process of creating custom rugs. In fact, with over 450 colors and 150 designs available, they’re the world’s largest manufacturer of custom rugs. The Dayln company object is to offer expertly crafted, design-forward rugs that are a great value to its customers. Their foundation is based on integrity of its employees, a commitment to service, and the expectation of quality.

Couristan Black Friday

Established in 1926 by brothers Basil J. Couri and George J. Couri, this family-owned company has been rooted and devoted to excellence since day one. From design and styling to quality and innovation, Couristan has won the respect and admiration of designers and homeowners alike. We’re proud to offer the extensive line of fine area rugs and quality power loomed rugs and carpets in a multitude of shapes and sizes. Everything from antique-inspired and current Persian designs to classic Oriental and contemporary styles can be found within this line. We’re sure you’ll find something that will provide your space with endless luxury and years of enjoyment. The only problem may be deciding how to narrow down your favorites.

Capel Rugs Black Friday

Capel, a North Carolina based company, launched back in 1917 with exceptional braided rugs which put them on the map. Today, the braids are still made from the highest level of materials, using in-house dyed yarns, and hand sewn together in a multitude of shapes and sizes. In fact, Capel offers the largest selection of braided rugs in the world. Additionally, they’ve expanded their offerings by importing product from around the globe. Capel’s expansive variety of unique designs, heirloom quality braided rugs, and commitment to exceptional quality make them a superior source for nearly every type of construction and design esthetic. RugStudio has been offering Capel rugs to our Texas clients since 1993 and now we are proud to extend the selection of unbeatable prices to all our online customers.

Trans Ocean Black Friday

Liora Manné, a designer known for pushing limits of textile designs, has created designs to intrigue nearly every personal taste. In this extensive line, you’ll find everything from eye catching modern, playful whimsical, trendy, and traditional area rugs to compliment your space. Trans-Ocean also boasts a superb selection of all weather rugs perfect for indoor/outdoor spaces prone to moisture and mess.