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A good rug pad is the foundation of a well placed area rug. Rug Pads are designed to reduce slippage, reduce wear and tear, protect your rug and your floor, and keep your rug looking its best for years. A rug pad should be selected based on thickness you prefer (thick pads last longer and provide more comfort), as well as the type of floor it will be used on. RugStudio offers a variety of rug pads for all types of floors…

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Jade Ind Rug Pad For Hard Floors - Thick
Retail: $10.00
Price: $6.00-$860.00
Availability: In Stock
Jade Ind. Item #: 391 -

Simply the best rug pad we've ever tested. Preserve the finish on your wood or tile floors and keep your rugs laying flat with our best rug pad. This pad is ideal for thin rugs such as needlepoints, Soumaks, and Dhurries. Thicker for a bit of cushion and very dense for comfort and protection on wood or tile. It can be used on any hard surface and features a built-in reinforcement to prevent stretching and flattening over the years. Especially useful on uneven floors, such as tile, brick,...

Jade Ind Rug Pad For Hard Floors - Thin
Retail: $10.00
Price: $6.00-$645.00
Availability: In Stock
Jade Ind. Item #: 390 -

Protect your rug AND your floors with our bestselling, longest lasting, natural rug pad. A reinforced natural rubber and clay combination pad that can be used on any smooth, hard surface such as wood or smooth tile. This is an excellent pad with a superior grip ability, for those hard to hold rugs, especially hall runners. This pad is 1/16'' of an inch thick and is an excellent alternative to any low-cost synthetic pad. 5x7 and larger sizes will arrive in 4'6'' rolls for easy installation....

MSM Inc Magic Stop Pad For Rugs On Carpet 392
Retail: $10.00
Price: $6.00-$190.00
Availability: In Stock
MSM Inc. Item #: 392 -

This pad is used for rugs on top of carpet. Placed between the rug and the carpet, it prevents wrinkling and crawling. A thin, slightly tacky pad which 'adheres' the rug to the carpet without damage to either. The pad can be moved many times, even washed to rejuvenate the adhesive. Rounds and odd sizes can easily be trimmed to fit. For installing under large area rugs, follow these instructions: 1. Position the rug in the room exactly where you want it. 2. Mark the carpet beneath each corner...

RugStudio Econo Pad For Use On Hard Floors
Price: $9.00-$519.00
Availability: In Stock
Rugstudio Item #: 393 -

Economy rug mat to prevent slipping and sliding of an area rug on a hard surface. This is our best value in a thin non-skid pad. It is useful on smooth, hard floors. Round, Oval and odd sizes can easily be trimmed to fit your rug. Color and texture may vary.

Rugstudio Outdoor Pad
Retail: $11.30
Price: $9.00-$78.28
Availability: In Stock
Rugstudio Item #: 65830 -

The Outdoor Rug Pad provides comfort under outdoor rugs. It also allows rugs to dry quicker preventing mold and mildew growth. Provides comfort and safety over outdoor surfaces Keeps area rugs in place Allows outdoor rugs to dry preventing mold and mildew For use on stone, concrete, tile, wood, or any exterior hard surface Can be easily cut to size Extremely durable and abrasion resistant Fade resistant. Caution: not intended for use over ice or snow-covered surfaces. ...

Rugstudio Rug Pads All Purpose Grip Pad Style 4E
Retail: $15.00
Price: $9.00-$689.00
Availability: In Stock
Rugstudio Item #: 32109 -

The all-purpose rug pad features the proprietary thin needlepunch construction to provide comfort and cushion while keeping your rug firmly in place on the floor. One side has a felted texture that will grip and hold your area rug. The other side is a soft, rubberized backing to grip the floor. All-N-One is great for use on wood, laminate, ceramic, marble, vinyl and bamboo. This pad is also reversible for use on carpeting and carries a 10 year wear warranty from the manufacturer.This rug is...

Rugstudio Rug Pads Deluxe All Purpose Pad Style 5E
Retail: $19.00
Price: $9.00-$689.00
Availability: 2-3 Days
Rugstudio Item #: 32108 -

Luxehold is the ultimate in rug padding, offering cushioned comfort and protection for both your rug and your floor. Reversible for use on hard surfaces and carpet, Luxehold is ideal for uneven surfaces and reduces puckering under heavy furniture. This pad is perfect for use on wood, laminate, ceramic, marble, vinyl and even bamboo. Intended for indoor use only. This revolutionary product is backed by a 20 year wear warranty from the manufacturer. Pile height: 3/16'' an inch ...