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MSM Inc Magic Stop Pad For Rugs On Carpet 392

 RugStudio presents MSM Inc. Magic Stop Pad For Rugs On Carpet 392
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This pad is used for rugs on top of carpet. Placed between the rug and the carpet, it prevents wrinkling and crawling. A thin, slightly tacky pad which 'adheres' the rug to the carpet without damage to either. The pad can be moved many times, even washed to rejuvenate the adhesive. Rounds and odd sizes can easily be trimmed to fit. For installing under large area rugs, follow these instructions: 1. Position the rug in the room exactly where you want it. 2. Mark the carpet beneath each corner of the rug with a piece of masking tape then roll the rug out of the way. 3. With the sticky side facing the carpet and the clear, protective backing facing up, line up two edge of the rug pad about 1/2 inch inside the marked area on the floor. If the pad is larger than the marked area, allow only two sides to extend beyond the markers. The excess will be trimmed later. 4. Carefully lay the rug pad down on the carpet and run your hands over the pad to smooth it in place. Push any excess material to one side of the area, making sure the pad remains within the markers on the floor. 5. Slowly peel the clear backing off the pad to reveal the adhesive facing up. 6. Line up 2 edges of the rug inside your marked area and unroll into position. Smooth the rug into place. 7. Trim or fold under any excess rug pad.

RugStudio # 392
Brand: MSM Inc.
Origin: U.S.A.

Swatch Set (4 Pad Types)2-3 Days$15.00$6.00    
2' X 4'2-3 Days$25.00$15.00    
4' X 4' SquareSold Out--------------    
2' X 8' Runner2-3 Days$25.00$19.00    
3' X 5'2-3 Days$25.00$19.00    
4' X 4' RoundSold Out--------------    
4' X 6'2-3 Days$35.00$25.00    
3' X 12' Runner2-3 Days$35.00$29.00    
6' X 6' Square2-3 Days$45.00$39.00    
3' X 16' Runner2-3 Days$45.00$39.00    
5' X 8'2-3 Days$45.00$39.00    
6' X 6' RoundSold Out--------------    
3' X 20' Runner2-3 Days$60.00$49.00    
6' X 9'2-3 Days$60.00$49.00    
8' X 8' SquareSold Out--------------    
8' X 8' Round2-3 Days$70.00$59.00    
3' X 25' Runner2-3 Days$80.00$69.00    
8' X 10'2-3 Days$90.00$75.00    
8' X 11'2-3 Days$90.00$79.00    
9' X 12'2-3 Days$100.00$89.00    
10' X 14'2-3 Days$150.00$130.00    
12' X 15'2-3 Days$170.00$150.00    
12' X 18'2-3 Days$220.00$190.00    

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